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    Freelancers Initiative Empty Freelancers Initiative

    Post by Sol Savrek on Sat Jul 26, 2014 11:29 am

    Priority System

    Jobs are given a Priority.
    Priorities have a set amount of credit value.

      Base Credit Ranges are as follow.
    • Low Priority 250,000-500,000 per Mission
    • Moderate Priority 500,000-750,000 Per Mission
    • High Priority 750,000-1,000,000 Per Mission

    Retrieval & Pickup Missions

    • Base Pay + 50,000 per day of Hyperspace (Calculated at +2 Skill)
    • Hyperspace Pay will be calculated from pickup location to drop off location
    • Can Bundle Missions with same pickup and drop off locations

    Examples of Priority Missions would be

    • Emptying Mines (Various levels based on need)
    • Ship Retrievals
    • Droid Pickups
    • Vehicle Retrievals
    • Item Pickups
    • Stations Built
    • Ship Production
    • Cities Built
    • Raw Material Hauling
    • Recycling
    • Prospecting

    Benefits of Program

    • You make your own check
    • Use of our ships to complete missions
    • Paid when mission is complete
    • Steady Work

    Requirements to Participate

    • In good standing with The eXiles & GA Members
    • Willingness to join a The eXiles Faction for Construction Missions
    • Making a Forum account
    • Assign The eXiles as Commander of any Personal Ships Used

    Tier System

    GA members and GA Affiliated groups start on Tier 2
    Moving up in Tiers provides better paying jobs and better rewards

    Tier 1
    Trusted with up to 10,000,000 in assets

    Tier 2
    Trusted with up to 50,000,000 in assets
    Mission Pay +250,000

    Tier 3
    Trusted with up to 150,000,000 in assets
    Mission Pay +500,000

    Tier 4
    Trusted with up to 500,000,000 in assets
    Mission Pay +1,000,000

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